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With strong evidence to show that too much sitting is bad for our health and wellbeing and can be costly to employers and the NHS; the primary aim of SMART Work & Life is to support staff across an organisation to sit less throughout the day, whether in the office or at home, and also during leisure time.

SMART Work & Life can be tailored to the needs of your organisation; from online resources, to eLearning to Workplace Champion training to full organisation evaluation, SMART Work & Life has something for every person within every organisation, regardless of size or sector.

We are making  SMART Work & Life available in various packages depending on the needs of your organisation:

  • Basic (our online only offer)
  • Champion Support (online portal access, plus champion training and ongoing support)
  • Exclusive (everything above plus a bespoke evaluation project to fully understand the impact of implementing SMART Work & Life in your organisation)

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Regardless of the package you choose, you and others from your organisation will get access to a wealth of resources and eLearning available via our online SMART Work and Life portal.

We have split the portal into three easy to navigate areas…

Individual Programme

Providing tools and ideas on how to reduce and break up sitting time both whilst working and during leisure time. This includes access to the SMART Work and Life eLearning to help bring to life the concept of reducing sedentary behaviour.

Workplace Champions Resource Kit

Contains everything a designated workplace champions needs to initiate and sustain SMART Work and Life across an organisation/team; such as how to set up and organise sitting less challenges, and facilitate team brainstorming and review sessions. This is further enhanced in our Champions Support package through our virtual training and champions’ academy.

Manager’s Resource Kit

Contains tools and techniques designed for managers to motivate their staff to sit less and move more during the working day.

Next Steps

Are you an individual staff member who thinks SMART Work & Life would be good for their organisation?

We recommend you start by obtaining managerial support for your organisation / team / department to sign up to the SMART Work & Life programme (click here to get access to our free business case and sample infographics to help you get the buy-in you need). Once you have support then get in touch via Smartworkandlife@uhl-tr.nhs.uk to organise a no-obligation virtual meeting to discuss the tailoring of your package.

Are you a Director, Line Manager or Health & Wellbeing Lead?

If so, you are in the right place to get started with helping your workforce to reduce their sedentary behaviour.  Click here to access our free starter kit which includes our business case that describes the range of benefits to your organisation and your staff. Get in touch via Smartworkandlife@uhl-tr.nhs.uk to book your no-obligation meeting to discuss how we can tailor our package to suit the needs of your organisation.

We have standing meetings, these tend to be shorter and more focussed!

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