An evidence-based programme

Created by the Leicester Diabetes Centre for workplace champions, managers and individual staff members to encourage people to sit less and move more often whilst at work and during their leisure time.


87% of staff felt more energised as a result of taking part in our programme

SMART Work and Life leads to improvements in health and wellbeing for the individual and also results in cost-savings for employers.

Our Packages

Basic/Online Only Package

This package provides access to the SMART Work and Life online portal for up to 50 members of staff. This can be for a range of staff members, designated workplace champions as well as managers. 

Champion Support Package

In addition the the Basic/Online Only Package, five designated Workplace Champions will receive remote training from our internationally-renowned healthcare training team.

Exclusive Package

This package includes both the online offer and champion support package, as well as a robust evaluation project tailored to your organisation to ultimately achieve LDC certified Healthier Workplace status.

Whether you are an individual, a workplace champion or a manager, register your interest here and receive our free starter kit.

Just a 1-hour reduction in workplace sitting has led to staff feeling…

More energised

87% of staff reported feeling MORE energised

More engaged

53% of staff reported feeling MORE engaged at work

Less fatigued

58% of staff reported feeling LESS fatigued after work

Less pain

50% of staff reported experiencing LESS pain in their lower back, neck and shoulders

More focussed

71% of staff reported feeling MORE focussed

More productive

66% of staff reported feeling MORE productive

Less stressed

33% of staff reported feeling LESS stressed

An Improved QOL

65% of staff reported an IMPROVED quality of life

Using SMART Work and Life has provided focus on how much time we sit for long periods due to the nature of our work in our current role. This has enabled us to consider and review the way we work increasing our mobility.

Julie and Aldona

Clinical Trials Team

The Business Case

In the UK, half a million employees annually suffer from work-related musculoskeletal issues.

Currently, £12.2 billion is spent annually on presenteeism and £10.6 billion on sickness absenteeism. The amount of time staff spend sitting could be contributing to these issues. 

The Evidence Base

The SMART Work and Life programme is based on 7 years of development and testing by the research team.

Researchers from the University of Leicester and Loughborough University wanted to develop an evidence-based programme to help desk-based workers to reduce the time they spent sitting.

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