About SMART Work

SMART Work is a free evidence-based resource kit for organisations to use to help their employees sit less whilst at work. Too much sitting is bad for health and wellbeing and could be costly to employers. Read our business case to find out more.

SMART Work consists of 3 resource kits:

Resource kit 1: aimed at managers

Resource kit 2: aimed at workplace champions

Resource kit 3: aimed at individual employees

The tools and resources have been tried and tested in a research project conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Leicester and Loughborough University. Not only is this all free for organisations to access, but we have the evidence to show it works and can save organisations money! Sign up today!

This simple 4 step guide outlines the SMART Work programme set up in your organisation or team:

Step 1

Obtain support from the manager for the organisation / team / department to sign up to the SMART Work programme (use our business case and infographic documents to get buy-in)

Although individuals can access and use our programme without management support, it is recommended that management support this programme.

Step 2

Identify workplace champions to drive the programme delivery in the organisation. It is up to the workplace to decide how many champions are needed e.g. one per team or per office.

These can be existing workplace champions within the organisation or you could ask for volunteers for this particular programme. Having workplace champions has been shown to be a key factor in the success of lifestyle programmes delivered within the workplace.

Step 3

Workplace champions to sign up to the programme on behalf of the organisation and become familiar with the programme resources assigned to the workplace champions.

Step 4

Workplace champion to launch the programme with their team / department and follow their implementation plan which can be found in the workplace champion toolkit.